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Bar? Or Far? Play Video

Bar? Or Far? 7 months ago

Plot twist! The answer is “potato”.

New Aneurysm Medicine Play Video

New Aneurysm Medicine 54 months ago

New Aneurysm Medicine on NewsFeed - Big news in Aneurysm medicine today, a ...

Causes of ADHD Play Video

Causes of ADHD 54 months ago

Causes of ADHD on Newsfeed -Scientists still don't know exactly what causes...

Adderall for Kids Play Video

Adderall for Kids 55 months ago

Adderall for Kids on Newsfeed - A new study has shown that Adderall may be ...

Adderall Shortage Play Video

Adderall Shortage 55 months ago

Adderall Shortage on Newsfeed - There is a reported nationwide shortage of ...

Pick Your Poison View Image

Pick Your Poison 60 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of brains

Now Thats Wisdom View Image

Now Thats Wisdom 65 months ago

In This Photo: A sign that uses a penis as a metaphor

Failed Suicide Play Video

Failed Suicide 89 months ago

This dude is having a bad day. He finally decides to end it all and jump o...

Joy View Image

Joy 97 months ago

Looks like a week long of joy at church.

Zero To Bitch View Image

Zero To Bitch 101 months ago

I have known quite a few of these in my day.