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Physical fitness is something that we all talk about but few of us manage to incorporate it into our daily lives. Yes, we may sign up for yoga, aerobics, and weight training, but how many of us actually know what we're doing with that stuff? Treadmills seem straightforward enough, and, yet, hundreds or thousands have improperly mounted treadmills only to be sent flying off the treadmill into a wall or onto the floor. Weights are no better. Weight machines malfunction after being used improperly, and free weights seem designed as much for fail as much as fitness.

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The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan Play Video

The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan 14 months ago

The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan is the most extreme exercise program available...

The Steepest Race On Earth Play Video

The Steepest Race On Earth 16 months ago

You actually start feeling a bit winded just watching these guys climb.

Another Fail At The Gym Play Video

Another Fail At The Gym 16 months ago

How is this dude sweating that much from such a mental workout?

Wheelchair Workout Play Video

Wheelchair Workout 17 months ago

Makes people sweating after 10 minutes on a stair climber look kind of sad.

Maximus Thor Works Out Play Video

Maximus Thor Works Out 18 months ago

This "little white boy" works on getting bigger, and it's hilarious.

Guy Loses 165 Lbs In A Year Play Video

Guy Loses 165 Lbs In A Year 18 months ago

This guy's transformation is amazing. There is nothing you can't do as long...

Big Guy Takes Big Fall Play Video

Big Guy Takes Big Fall 19 months ago

Dude looks like someone just popped his tires and he’s down for the count.

People Vs Fitness Play Video

People Vs Fitness 20 months ago

Being healthy just isn’t for everyone.

Big Girl's Workout Disaster Play Video

Big Girl's Workout Disaster 22 months ago

... And her New Year's resolution to work out more just came to an abrupt e...