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Some healthcare will not cover people with pre-existing conditions. Break's conditions are not only preexisting, they are also the most disgusting maladies humans can contract. Whether they are genetic or caught while traveling the globe these sicknesses will scare you into a hospital bed, Instead of acne, lice, and hepatitis Break shows botfly infestations, broken arms, and detached retinas. These extreme conditions maybe rare but that does not make them any less terrifying. So schedule a check up after viewing these extreme and creepy videos. Because knowing is half the battle.

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How Old Are Your Ears? Play Video

How Old Are Your Ears? 13 months ago

How high can you hear? Take this 'test' to see how old your ears are!

How To Quit Smoking Play Video

How To Quit Smoking 13 months ago

He does have a point. That method will keep you from smoking.

Say No To Drugs Play Video

Say No To Drugs 14 months ago

Great advice. If someone offers you drugs tell them you're a heroin dealer...

It Just Takes A Little Longer Play Video

It Just Takes A Little Longer 16 months ago

Good for this guy but also, someone should spot that dude when he’s on the ...

The Social Farter Play Video

The Social Farter 18 months ago

She can quit whenever she wants.

Elimination: The First Step Play Video

Elimination: The First Step 20 months ago

If he's not the worlds leading authority on poop, he's at least number two.

A Tear-Inducing Leg Cramp Play Video

A Tear-Inducing Leg Cramp 26 months ago

This looks absolutely horrible. Fascinating, but so, so horrible.