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Hot, cute girls doing sexy things are good for the Internet. Even better for the Internet are hot girls doing just about anything. Let's take it one step further and say that girls, sexy or not, doing absolutely nothing, posing for a picture or even starring in a video, are probably the very foundation of the Internet. They're certainly hard-coded into Break's DNA.

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Brooke Striptease Play Video

Brooke Striptease 78 months ago

This may look like a hot strip tease webcam dance, but its actually what I ...

Funny Topless Prank Play Video

Funny Topless Prank 78 months ago

Usually these jokey topless pranks are not very funny, but this one definit...

Hidden Camera Tape Spoof Play Video

Hidden Camera Tape Spoof 78 months ago

Liv decided that since Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and ev...

A Very Racy Easter Video Play Video

A Very Racy Easter Video 78 months ago

We at Break would like to remind you to be safe this Easter.

Toilet Seat Vs Wasted Girl Play Video

Toilet Seat Vs Wasted Girl 78 months ago

After years of being sat on, the toilet seat finally seizes opportunity for...

Hot Strip Down Play Video

Hot Strip Down 78 months ago

Holy unbelievable body on this girl who shows what she has, and it is not b...

99 Words For Boobs Play Video

99 Words For Boobs 79 months ago

This just seemed like the perfect video to start off a weekend. Some great...

Cute Girl Flashes At Mall Play Video

Cute Girl Flashes At Mall 79 months ago

This girl is so next door and has the nicest yabos in town!

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam Play Video

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam 79 months ago

Between the Myspace psycho kid and this confused little girl we are so scre...

Acheivement Whores Play Video

Acheivement Whores 79 months ago

Modern times call for a modern kind of whore.

Break Gallery CLXXVI View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXVI 79 months ago

Break Gallery #176!!! Here we go again people, with another grand assortmen...

Chickipedia - Look Her Up Play Video

Chickipedia - Look Her Up 79 months ago the world's first user generated encyclopedia dedicated to ...

Sexy Naked Criminal Play Video

Sexy Naked Criminal 79 months ago

A girl stands alone sexy, naked, and video taped. Her erotic curves shown ...

Break Gallery CLXXIV View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXIV 80 months ago

Break Gallery #174!!! Getting it on again with more babes, car wrecks, and ...

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia Play Video

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia 80 months ago

Tonight Break is launching a new site called, the worlds fi...

Topless Wife Training Play Video

Topless Wife Training 80 months ago

Topless wife training, have three words ever gone together so well?

Break Gallery CLXXI View Gallery

Break Gallery CLXXI 80 months ago

Break Gallery #171!!! Here we go again people, another rock solid collectio...