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Hot, cute girls doing sexy things are good for the Internet. Even better for the Internet are hot girls doing just about anything. Let's take it one step further and say that girls, sexy or not, doing absolutely nothing, posing for a picture or even starring in a video, are probably the very foundation of the Internet. They're certainly hard-coded into Break's DNA.

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Drunk Girl +Treadmill = Yep Play Video

Drunk Girl +Treadmill = Yep 16 months ago

When drunk, try not to operate heavy machinery or really any machinery.

Ice Cold Snow Angel Play Video

Ice Cold Snow Angel 16 months ago

Chick makes a snow angel wearing just a bra and panties in sub zero tempera...

Hot Chick Chugs Beer Play Video

Hot Chick Chugs Beer 16 months ago

She might have missed a couple drops though.

The Luckiest Dog Play Video

The Luckiest Dog 16 months ago

This dog video makes up for yesterday's.