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Battleshots View Image

Battleshots 30 months ago

A game of battleshots, which is like battleship, with shots, hence the name...

Welcome To Russia View Image

Welcome To Russia 31 months ago

Alcohol in large, plastic jugs

Pure Genius View Image

Pure Genius 31 months ago

A awesome beer bottle illusion

Never Drinking Again Play Video

Never Drinking Again 31 months ago

This is a musical rendition of the vow that so many people have made the mo...

Liquor Warmer View Image

Liquor Warmer 31 months ago

A woman with a ripped shirt tries to hide a bottle of booze

It's A Trap View Image

It's A Trap 31 months ago

A beer bottle under a giant bucket

Pure Genius View Image

Pure Genius 32 months ago

Pint glass/ shot glass

Girly Drinks Rap Play Video

Girly Drinks Rap 33 months ago

Raise your glasses to the sky, and put your pinkies in the air. This is the...

Poor Beer Stack Play Video

Poor Beer Stack 33 months ago

This horrible beer stack may seem as if it was an accident. But in reality...

Summer Cocktail Recipes Play Video

Summer Cocktail Recipes 34 months ago

Summer Cocktail Recipes on Newsfeed - It’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve in...

How Not To Open A Wine Bottle Play Video

How Not To Open A Wine Bottle 34 months ago

If you don't have a wine opener this method actually works, but don't hit t...

Best Tequila Drinks Ever Play Video

Best Tequila Drinks Ever 35 months ago

This is a transcript of Best Tequila Drinks Ever on Newsfeed...Happy Cinco ...

How Not To Stack Beer Play Video

How Not To Stack Beer 36 months ago

I think it's safe to assume the forklift operator is a big fan of his compa...

4/20 Festival On 4/23 Play Video

4/20 Festival On 4/23 36 months ago

This is a transcript of 4/20 Festival On 4/23 on Newsfeed - The annual 420 ...

Everclear Shot Goes Wrong Play Video

Everclear Shot Goes Wrong 38 months ago

3 parts everclear, 1 part horrible friends, and 5 parts poor decision makin...

Drunk Man Eats Napkin Play Video

Drunk Man Eats Napkin 38 months ago

Nothing like ham, eggs, and a napkin to soak up the liquor after a long ni...