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Holy Crap View Image

Holy Crap 2 months ago

Whatever this is, it's ridiculously cool

Viking View Image

Viking 2 months ago

Thor's stein of choice.

Superman View Image

Superman 2 months ago

Super Mensch likes most beer except Kryptonite flavored.

Sexy Pig View Image

Sexy Pig 2 months ago

After several rounds, just try to contain your sexual urges

Pretzel View Image

Pretzel 2 months ago

Sadly, the handle isn't edible.

Lucha Libre View Image

Lucha Libre 2 months ago

Mexican wrestling and German beer? A marriage made in, well, somewhere very...

Kick Ass View Image

Kick Ass 2 months ago

If the shoe fits, get drunk with it.

Indian View Image

Indian 2 months ago

Completely non-PC in every way imaginable, this handsome stein is sure to e...

Homer View Image

Homer 2 months ago

We know what you're thinking. "Hmm...I never knew Homer liked beer."

Hawaii View Image

Hawaii 2 months ago

This one doubles as a funky pina colada glass too.

Goats View Image

Goats 2 months ago have to have real faith in your masculinity to use this one. Or,...

Dumbeldore View Image

Dumbeldore 2 months ago

This mug isn't for a muggle.

Drink and drive View Image

Drink and drive 2 months ago

These people know that uber is a German word, but not that it's the right a...

Darth View Image

Darth 2 months ago

May the fourth or fifth beer be with you.

Surreal Stein View Image

Surreal Stein 2 months ago

We don't really know what this is supposed to mean, but it reminds us of wh...

Corona View Image

Corona 2 months ago

While not exactly a classic German beer, at least you can hold a bird while...

Bootleg Stein View Image

Bootleg Stein 2 months ago

Don't have time to get a proper stein? Perhaps you're just true drunk too r...

Boba Fett View Image

Boba Fett 2 months ago

There are other Star Wars-related steins out there, but for the true aficio...

Bawdy beer View Image

Bawdy beer 2 months ago

Adding a new usage of the term "beer goggles," this couple is preparing to ...

8 gallon beer stein View Image

8 gallon beer stein 2 months ago

Because sometimes 7 gallons of beer just isn't enough.