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One drink of a delicious wine or spirit? Delightful. Have another drink. Delicious. Drinks three through whatever...and, what do you know, you're right back in a Mexican hospital bed again. Whether you party hard or party harder, the Internet will always be around to hold you accountable for your actions, so, please, imbibe your spirits responsibly.

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How To Do The Shamrock Pour 19 months ago

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Shock Top 27 months ago

Shock Top

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Man Bag 28 months ago

If you’re going to carry a manbag, make sure it’s more man than bag.

Sake Bomb Fail Play Video

Sake Bomb Fail 29 months ago

You, sir, have committed a horrendous party foul. We hope he paid for this ...

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Speed Drinking Win AND Fail 30 months ago

This guy wanted to drink six beers in under six minutes and he succeeded. H...