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One drink of a delicious wine or spirit? Delightful. Have another drink. Delicious. Drinks three through whatever...and, what do you know, you're right back in a Mexican hospital bed again. Whether you party hard or party harder, the Internet will always be around to hold you accountable for your actions, so, please, imbibe your spirits responsibly.

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Shot Glass Dominoes Play Video

Shot Glass Dominoes 10 months ago

If this doesn't end well, you're going to have a lot of broken glass.

The Cherry Trick Play Video

The Cherry Trick 10 months ago

It's like Three-card Monte, but you play it while drinking, which is a lot ...

Worlds Best Bar Tender? Play Video

Worlds Best Bar Tender? 10 months ago

He's good, but the best bar tenders usually have breasts on display.

Drinking: UK Vs US Play Video

Drinking: UK Vs US 12 months ago

He’s right, drinking games are lame. Stop them.

Malibu Black Play Video

Malibu Black 12 months ago

Malibu Black - dare to try the dark side

The Power Hour Fail Play Video

The Power Hour Fail 13 months ago

The power hour is sixty shots of beer in sixty minutes. This dude didn't m...

A Helping Hand Play Video

A Helping Hand 14 months ago

If only this worked in the real world.

The Offline Glass Play Video

The Offline Glass 15 months ago

Great if you have an iPhone otherwise you're spilling a lot of beer.