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Meet Virginia View Image

Meet Virginia 12 days ago

Of course this had to happen. Of course.

Mr. Mustache View Image

Mr. Mustache 12 days ago

Sometimes it's easier.

Simon View Image

Simon 12 days ago

So close, yet so far.

Chad View Image

Chad 12 days ago

In the barista's defense, the guy's name was Chad. Come on,

Ronnie View Image

Ronnie 12 days ago

Maybe the barista is psychic.

Kinzi View Image

Kinzi 12 days ago

Kinzi, lazy, it's a subtle difference

Jessica View Image

Jessica 12 days ago

In fairness, Jessica is a super rare name sometimes spelled with a 2.

Janiece View Image

Janiece 12 days ago

No one said there'd be coffee making plus spelling.

Ingmar View Image

Ingmar 12 days ago

This is what you get for being Swedish.

Her name is Emily View Image

Her name is Emily 12 days ago

Could have been worse. No one wants Samwise.

Ellen View Image

Ellen 12 days ago

Maybe it was a description?

Cassidy is the Name View Image

Cassidy is the Name 12 days ago

That looks like the sound you make clearing your throat

It's Annie! View Image

It's Annie! 12 days ago

Well, they're in the ballpark, at least.

His Name is Andrew View Image

His Name is Andrew 12 days ago

You got that from Andrew? For real?

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

Majorca View Image

Majorca 2 months ago

Mountain dew and crab juice for all!