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Double Down View Image

Double Down 3 months ago

This may be among the more famous listed here, as KFC did a lot of advertis...

Daskul Panini View Image

Daskul Panini 3 months ago

This better taste good, because this baby sold at Rustica in Philadelphia i...

Candwich View Image

Candwich 3 months ago

Although it may seem like something from your childhood Wacky Packages coll...

Bacon Bling View Image

Bacon Bling 3 months ago

The most expensive bacon sandwich ever made was sold at Tangberry's Cafe in...

Indiana | Pork Tenderloin View Image

Indiana | Pork Tenderloin 3 months ago

These sandwiches feature a breaded pork cutlet that dwarfs any bun.

Illinois | Italian Beef View Image

Illinois | Italian Beef 3 months ago

Slow cooked beef sandwiches dipped in au jus. But it's truly the spicy giar...

Vermont | Pot Roast View Image

Vermont | Pot Roast 3 months ago

Yankee pot roast is a Vermont classic that predates the USA.

Idaho | Yak View Image

Idaho | Yak 3 months ago

In a state commonly known for it's potato production these Himalayan beasts...