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Pretty Cool Coffee Artist Play Video

Pretty Cool Coffee Artist 116 months ago

I know this isnt something we would typically post but people keep requesti...

Burger King Octo Stacker Play Video

Burger King Octo Stacker 108 months ago

This guy goes into Burger King and orders the Octo Stacker which consists o...

Freezing Cold Water Play Video

Freezing Cold Water 106 months ago

Alright, I wonder if this has anything to do with that Corona trick. This ...

The Ultimate Eating Champion Play Video

The Ultimate Eating Champion 104 months ago

Alright, this dude puts a couple of the impossible eating challenges to res...

Very Fresh Fish Play Video

Very Fresh Fish 102 months ago

Im all about eating fresh food but I think this Japanese restaurant has tak...

Fruit Decomposition Time Lapse Play Video

Fruit Decomposition Time Lapse 101 months ago

This guy filmed the time lapse of fresh fruit decomposing over a two month ...

Special Message From Coca Cola Play Video

Special Message From Coca Cola 99 months ago

Coca Cola was worried that theyve been ignoring their disabled consumers so...

Martha Stewart For Rednecks Play Video

Martha Stewart For Rednecks 97 months ago

I guess this is an actual TV show. I am not sure who this is but in this c...

Flaming 151 Shot Failure Play Video

Flaming 151 Shot Failure 97 months ago

Heres a good example of how not to take a flaming 151 shot.

Another Flaming Shot Goes Bad Play Video

Another Flaming Shot Goes Bad 97 months ago

At first I thought this was an old clip because it looks similar to one we ...

Fountain Of Stupidity Play Video

Fountain Of Stupidity 97 months ago

This goofy kid takes a bet to drink two litres of water and one litre of vo...

Drunk Runs Into Ambulance Play Video

Drunk Runs Into Ambulance 96 months ago

Some drunk guy attempts to flee police custody but doesnt seem to notice th...

Drunk Chair Pull Knockout Play Video

Drunk Chair Pull Knockout 95 months ago

Weve all pulled the prank where you pull the chair out from under your frie...

Serbian Man is Slightly Drunk Play Video

Serbian Man is Slightly Drunk 95 months ago

Im not a doctor but Im pretty sure this Serbian guy has had a bit to drink....

Waitress Falls Through Window Play Video

Waitress Falls Through Window 95 months ago

If it makes you feel better about yourself go ahead and state the obvious i...

I F H Mondays Play Video

I F H Mondays 94 months ago

Another stellar short from Nick Swardson and friends. This time he gives hi...

How Not To Do A Flaming Shot Play Video

How Not To Do A Flaming Shot 88 months ago

This guy is fails miserably at taking a flaming shot and then proceeds to s...

Idiot Spills Flaming Shot Play Video

Idiot Spills Flaming Shot 88 months ago

Has anyone ever done this successfully? Some dude fails at drinking a flam...

Drunk Guy Falls on Table Play Video

Drunk Guy Falls on Table 86 months ago

Three guys sitting around a table. Lots of empty beer bottles. Place your b...

Too Much Eggnog For Santa Play Video

Too Much Eggnog For Santa 82 months ago

One of our classic Christmas clips. The kids listen closely to Santa walki...

Rough Way to End Your Night Play Video

Rough Way to End Your Night 82 months ago

Puking is bad enough, but falling over the trash can this badly just adds i...