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Do you want food and drink in the finest restaurants, paired with the most expensive wines? These are not the videos for you. Break's food and drink pairings cover all the craziest and most disgusting foods as well as the most alcoholic and tasty beverages on the planet. From disgusting concoctions to drinks so strong that they may cause temporary blindness in the poor drunk people that imbibe them, Break's suggestions are guaranteed to give you an upset stomach, and maybe some loss of vision.

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11 Offputting Signs 28 months ago

Signage is remarkably useful for giving identifying or instructive informat...

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Recipe: Grilled Bratwurst 28 months ago

Kingsford has teamed up with MLB Network's ® Mitch Williams to bring you th...

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Coke Bottle Escapes 29 months ago

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Balloons You Can Eat 29 months ago

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Battle 5: Freestyle Play Video

Battle 5: Freestyle 30 months ago

We're going freestyle, it's up to you... just keep it KD related.

Battle 4: Make it Epic Play Video

Battle 4: Make it Epic 30 months ago

Make your most epic recipe that uses KD mac n' cheese and post a pic of you...

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Battle 3: Caption Clash 30 months ago

Post your funny captions, the ones with the most votes wins. Cool story bro...

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Giorgio Loves Sonic 30 months ago

The most entertaining drive-thru order you'll watch this year.

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M&Ms - Just My Shell 30 months ago

We love the use of LMFAO's "Wiggle Song" in this commercial.