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Do you want food and drink in the finest restaurants, paired with the most expensive wines? These are not the videos for you. Break's food and drink pairings cover all the craziest and most disgusting foods as well as the most alcoholic and tasty beverages on the planet. From disgusting concoctions to drinks so strong that they may cause temporary blindness in the poor drunk people that imbibe them, Break's suggestions are guaranteed to give you an upset stomach, and maybe some loss of vision.

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How Do You Like Your Eggs? View Gallery

How Do You Like Your Eggs? 23 months ago

Everyone likes eggs, except for people we're not going to acknowledge. But...

Tecate Play Video

Tecate 23 months ago


Damn That's Some Good Corn View Gallery

Damn That's Some Good Corn 23 months ago

It's summer, you're going to barbecues, you're eating corn on the cob. But ...

Welcome to the Sausage Party View Gallery

Welcome to the Sausage Party 23 months ago

The internet gives too much love to bacon, but the sausage has a hell of a ...

Napoleon - Red Bull 2012 Play Video

Napoleon - Red Bull 2012 23 months ago

Napoleon was pretty dope. Red Bull gives you wiiings:

Hunter - 2012 Red Bull Play Video

Hunter - 2012 Red Bull 23 months ago

The hunter becomes the hunted. Red Bull gives you wiiings: http://redbullus...

The Wrangler Play Video

The Wrangler 23 months ago

The Wrangler

Shock Top Play Video

Shock Top 23 months ago

Shock Top

12 People Eating on the Can View Gallery

12 People Eating on the Can 23 months ago

It's a pretty standard rule that you should never, ever eat on the toilet, ...

10 Ridiculously Huge Snacks View Gallery

10 Ridiculously Huge Snacks 23 months ago

None of these things needs to exist. But they do. And they're kind of awes...

Bear in a Bikini Play Video

Bear in a Bikini 23 months ago

Sick of being stuck in the office all summer? This VIP bear in a bikini can...