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Do you want food and drink in the finest restaurants, paired with the most expensive wines? These are not the videos for you. Break's food and drink pairings cover all the craziest and most disgusting foods as well as the most alcoholic and tasty beverages on the planet. From disgusting concoctions to drinks so strong that they may cause temporary blindness in the poor drunk people that imbibe them, Break's suggestions are guaranteed to give you an upset stomach, and maybe some loss of vision.

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Cheap Shots For Bad Jokes Play Video

Cheap Shots For Bad Jokes 12 months ago

Phil has to take a shot of vodka for each bad joke he tells. Phil just told...

  WTF is a 940McWankle? : Day 1 Play Video

WTF is a 940McWankle? : Day 1 12 months ago

NOS doesn’t stunt. So when an energy driiink marketing “expert” came to NOS...

Math Fails Us Again Play Video

Math Fails Us Again 12 months ago

Can this work with money or boobs?

Malibu Black Play Video

Malibu Black 13 months ago

Malibu Black - dare to try the dark side

National Red Bull Flugtag Play Video

National Red Bull Flugtag 13 months ago

Witness the Biggest Splash in Aviation History. National Red Bull Flugtag i...

  5 Gum Focus Play Video

5 Gum Focus 13 months ago

5, Gum, Focus