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Do you want food and drink in the finest restaurants, paired with the most expensive wines? These are not the videos for you. Break's food and drink pairings cover all the craziest and most disgusting foods as well as the most alcoholic and tasty beverages on the planet. From disgusting concoctions to drinks so strong that they may cause temporary blindness in the poor drunk people that imbibe them, Break's suggestions are guaranteed to give you an upset stomach, and maybe some loss of vision.

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The Real Soup Nazi Play Video

The Real Soup Nazi 12 months ago

The real soup nazi makes the dude on Seinfeld seem like a warm and caring g...

When Morons Barbecue Play Video

When Morons Barbecue 13 months ago

They might not be able to get a grill started, but they're doing an excelle...

A Helping Hand Play Video

A Helping Hand 13 months ago

If only this worked in the real world.

The Flour Of Death Play Video

The Flour Of Death 13 months ago

Well, this was some depressing information to learn.

We Waste A Lot Of Food Play Video

We Waste A Lot Of Food 13 months ago

We grow enough food to feed every single person on the planet, yet millions...