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34 months ago

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34 months ago

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34 months ago

Pizza: Wasteland View Image

Pizza: Wasteland 34 months ago

Looks like mac n cheese mix

Pizza: Slap Dash View Image

Pizza: Slap Dash 34 months ago

Looks like they cooked it, then dropped crap on it

Pizza: Stringy View Image

Pizza: Stringy 34 months ago

Don't sit on the box

Pizza:Heap View Image

Pizza:Heap 34 months ago

Is there even dough in there?

Pizza: Char View Image

Pizza: Char 34 months ago

Bet it's crunchy

Pizza: Slop View Image

Pizza: Slop 34 months ago

Yeah, that's the creamy ticket

Pizza: Late Night View Image

Pizza: Late Night 34 months ago

Let him. Let him be inside you.

Pizza: Festive View Image

Pizza: Festive 34 months ago

With a cherry, no less.