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Older Brothers Suck Play Video

Older Brothers Suck 39 months ago

Never trust your older brother with a camera in his hand.

Facebook Dad Vs Dr. Phil Play Video

Facebook Dad Vs Dr. Phil 55 months ago

I don't think this looked like a guy that would get ripped apart by Dr. Phi...

Blanket Swing Accident Play Video

Blanket Swing Accident 62 months ago

These guys decided long ago that if their mom was going to keep having kids...

Beastly Movie Film Play Video

Beastly Movie Film 66 months ago

Beastly Film An action adventure spy Movie starring Vanessa Hudgens Movie...

Kid Breaks Nose On Glass Door Play Video

Kid Breaks Nose On Glass Door 67 months ago

After complaining to the arcade manager a game stole his quarter this kid t...

High Five Fail Play Video

High Five Fail 73 months ago

This would've gone from funny to awesome if he'd been going for the fist bu...

Pig Scare Prank On Dad Play Video

Pig Scare Prank On Dad 73 months ago

This kid almost gives his father a heart attack with this prank. How ugly d...