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Relatives. Old People, creepy uncles, bosom-y aunts - all of those people you find in your embarrassing and funny home videos. You'd rather not have to deal with relatives, but the potential for gifts from your relatives during the holidays and birthdays is just too strong to ignore them. That's why you should embrace your relatives...except the creepy uncle. If that happens, just yell, "I need an adult!"

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Guy Thinks His Sister Is Hot 27 months ago

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Grandma's Head Vs. Oven Door 36 months ago

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Thanksgiving Freakout 37 months ago

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Grandpa Gets A Webcam 40 months ago

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Worst Karaoke Session Ever 82 months ago

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Sofa King We Todd Did Play Video

Sofa King We Todd Did 86 months ago

As obvious of a prank this might be I thought it was very funny. Gurantee ...