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The results of good parenting go unnoticed while the fruits of bad parenting end up on Break. When you see a person voluntarily sacrificing his nuts to someone's foot, that's probably an example of bad parenting on the part of some poor father. The person who acted responsibly and held the camera steady was probably a product of good parenting, though. Check out all of these "Worst Parents of the Year" nominees and try to repress all of the psychological trauma that your parents inflicted upon you back in the day, same as that of children everywhere.

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Dads new toy. Play Video

Dads new toy. 6 months ago

You spin my baby right round

Coolest dad ever Play Video

Coolest dad ever 6 months ago

This dad helps pull out his sons tooth so he can fit in with his friends......

Fake Pregnancy Mom Prank Play Video

Fake Pregnancy Mom Prank 10 months ago

Good thing he had nothing solid nearby for her to beat him with.