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Children are less adorable than babies and more annoying than adults. This is because they know that they can get away with fighting, bothering people, and injuring themselves and others more easily than an adult could. Because of this, Children are extremely likely to spend their free time acting like the fools adults wish they could be. Who doesn't love a funny kid? That's why people love to watch these little monsters doing crazy stuff on the internet.

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I Feel Dizzy Play Video

I Feel Dizzy 26 months ago

Kid goes into surgery with a busted arm and wakes up a Mafia boss.

Dad Scares His Daughter Play Video

Dad Scares His Daughter 27 months ago

This father sneaks up on his little girl and scares her while she is watchi...

Cooler Than You Play Video

Cooler Than You 28 months ago

This dude's moment of glory comes to a quick end when he decides to pump hi...

The Daughter Responds Play Video

The Daughter Responds 29 months ago

Whether you agree with him or not by now just about everyone has seen ...

The 1%: Kid Edition Play Video

The 1%: Kid Edition 30 months ago

People look at the one percent and think their entire lives are perfect, bu...

Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan Play Video

Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan 33 months ago

Dad and Granddad team up to launch junior into a ceiling fan. I have seen ...

Disney Surprise Gone Wrong Play Video

Disney Surprise Gone Wrong 33 months ago

Most kids would love to go to Disney, but then again most kids have never h...