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Children are less adorable than babies and more annoying than adults. This is because they know that they can get away with fighting, bothering people, and injuring themselves and others more easily than an adult could. Because of this, Children are extremely likely to spend their free time acting like the fools adults wish they could be. Who doesn't love a funny kid? That's why people love to watch these little monsters doing crazy stuff on the internet.

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He is so tired Play Video

He is so tired 20 months ago

Little boy tries hard to not surrender to sleep

Mattie adopts ducklings Play Video

Mattie adopts ducklings 20 months ago

Mattie is taking care of these cute ducklings, after a raccoon attacked the...

Twins cracking up Play Video

Twins cracking up 20 months ago

Twin baby boys find carton box hilarious

Baby Wheelie Fail Play Video

Baby Wheelie Fail 20 months ago

Moral of the day: always wheelie with a bicucle

The 10 Most Dickish Kids Play Videos

The 10 Most Dickish Kids 20 months ago

We hope these kids learned their lessons from the bad things that deservedl...

Parents prank kid Play Video

Parents prank kid 20 months ago

Parents can be really mean sometimes

Uh oh! Play Video

Uh oh! 20 months ago

Twins dancing with their toy musical monkey. Their reaction when music stop...

When Grandpa Attacks Play Video

When Grandpa Attacks 21 months ago

Now clean your room or next time it’ll be a frozen one.

Cute dancing fail Play Video

Cute dancing fail 21 months ago

Adorable girl fails during home dancing

Tiny Moments of Comfort Play Video

Tiny Moments of Comfort 22 months ago

Not a single dry eye in the Break Office after watching this video. Our th...