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Ryu Vs. Baby Play Video

Ryu Vs. Baby 24 months ago

This dad, doing his best Ryu (from Street Fighter) impersonation, knocks do...

Baby Pull Ups Play Video

Baby Pull Ups 24 months ago

This 8 month old baby can probably do more pull ups than you.

Not Father of The Year Play Video

Not Father of The Year 24 months ago

Redneck dad plus a couple pieces of wood equals painful child memories.

How To Trap A Kid Play Video

How To Trap A Kid 24 months ago

And just like that, the whole market for nondescript white vans bottomed ou...

Toddler of Anarchy View Image

Toddler of Anarchy 24 months ago

Just a matter of time before he gets his Sportster

April 1st Prank On Baby Play Video

April 1st Prank On Baby 24 months ago

Dad plays an April Fools prank on his kid, but his son doesn't see the humo...

Get Your Aww On View Image

Get Your Aww On 24 months ago

A baby opening up it's eyes

Rock Climbing Toddler Play Video

Rock Climbing Toddler 25 months ago

This 22-month toddler is rock climbing to reach its toys. Yeah, you read th...

Dribble View Image

Dribble 25 months ago

A dad burping his baby

The F*cks I Give View Image

The F*cks I Give 25 months ago

A kid peeing in the bathtub

Mind.Blown. View Image

Mind.Blown. 25 months ago

A baby looking at a penthouse

Aww Of The Day View Image

Aww Of The Day 26 months ago

A sleeping baby holding an xbox controller

Bad Parenting View Image

Bad Parenting 26 months ago

A little baby girl with makeup on

Baby Killa View Image

Baby Killa 26 months ago

A persona with a baby mask