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Any medical professional will tell you babies are good for three things: peeing, pooping, and puking. The key to making the most of these crying and or laughing babies and their inevitable activities is being sure they happen in weird places. A baby could pee on a dog, poop on a wall, or puke in a parent's mouth. These funny baby videos are the things memories are made of, and luckily some people have captured those memories on video for our enjoyment.

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Ryu Vs. Baby Play Video

Ryu Vs. Baby 29 months ago

This dad, doing his best Ryu (from Street Fighter) impersonation, knocks do...

Baby Pull Ups Play Video

Baby Pull Ups 29 months ago

This 8 month old baby can probably do more pull ups than you.

Not Father of The Year Play Video

Not Father of The Year 29 months ago

Redneck dad plus a couple pieces of wood equals painful child memories.

How To Trap A Kid Play Video

How To Trap A Kid 29 months ago

And just like that, the whole market for nondescript white vans bottomed ou...

April 1st Prank On Baby Play Video

April 1st Prank On Baby 29 months ago

Dad plays an April Fools prank on his kid, but his son doesn't see the humo...

Rock Climbing Toddler Play Video

Rock Climbing Toddler 30 months ago

This 22-month toddler is rock climbing to reach its toys. Yeah, you read th...

Kung Fu Baby Play Video

Kung Fu Baby 32 months ago

He may be a baby but he's also a master kung fu martial artist. Get him his...

Baby Thinks He Can Fly Play Video

Baby Thinks He Can Fly 33 months ago

I hope someone taught that baby to pretend to land.

Toddler Destroys Kitchen Play Video

Toddler Destroys Kitchen 33 months ago

The executives at Trojan will probably see another unexpected surge in sale...

How Babies Are Made Play Video

How Babies Are Made 34 months ago

Very clever time-lapse video that helps answer the question 'Where Do Babie...

How To Handle Telemarketers Play Video

How To Handle Telemarketers 34 months ago

Tired with receiving unsolicited phone calls this father lets his 1 year ol...

Baby Headbanging To Pantera Play Video

Baby Headbanging To Pantera 39 months ago

Parents teaching kids to like Pantera and not Justin Bieber... looks like t...

Baby Loves Bon Jovi Play Video

Baby Loves Bon Jovi 40 months ago

Little baby girl goes crazy when she hears her favorite Bon Jovi song playe...

Little Girl Loves Rap Music Play Video

Little Girl Loves Rap Music 42 months ago

This is a very shy little girl until she hears her favorite rap song.

Baby's Favorite Word Play Video

Baby's Favorite Word 42 months ago

Cute little kid picked up a word she heard Mom yell one day and now it's he...