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Any medical professional will tell you babies are good for three things: peeing, pooping, and puking. The key to making the most of these crying and or laughing babies and their inevitable activities is being sure they happen in weird places. A baby could pee on a dog, poop on a wall, or puke in a parent's mouth. These funny baby videos are the things memories are made of, and luckily some people have captured those memories on video for our enjoyment.

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Sync sneeze Play Video

Sync sneeze 15 months ago

Cute twins share a sneeze

Lactation fail Play Video

Lactation fail 15 months ago

Baby mistakes grandpa's mole for a nipple.

Baby car ride goes wrong Play Video

Baby car ride goes wrong 15 months ago

Nikoli being pushed in his toy car into the water by his uncle

Commando baby Play Video

Commando baby 16 months ago

Watch out! This is a determined baby

Baby on toy-car pwnes dog Play Video

Baby on toy-car pwnes dog 16 months ago

Babys first road kill. Obviously, no dog was harmed during this video.

Hilarious dog door Play Video

Hilarious dog door 16 months ago

Baby is cracking up with the dog door

Escaping baby Play Video

Escaping baby 16 months ago

Cute baby Myla escaping cot with a mild bump on the wall

Baby plays with dog Play Video

Baby plays with dog 17 months ago

Baby boy plays with his jack russell terrier and just cant stop laughing

Funny baby eating Play Video

Funny baby eating 17 months ago

Gluttonous baby faceplants into plate

I Don't Like Pickles Play Video

I Don't Like Pickles 17 months ago

Little boy wants to be sure that he really doesnt like pickles.

Baby bites wire Play Video

Baby bites wire 17 months ago

Cute baby likes licking that wire

Baby lures sister Play Video

Baby lures sister 18 months ago

Baby lures twin sister into a trap

Cute baby sneezes and falls Play Video

Cute baby sneezes and falls 18 months ago

Cute baby girl Sam falls after sneezing, giving a good laugh to her sister

Baby licks dog Play Video

Baby licks dog 18 months ago

Cute baby gives backs licks to the Rottweiler

Baby falls Play Video

Baby falls 18 months ago

Cute Eston has a balance problem

Laughing baby wakes up Play Video

Laughing baby wakes up 18 months ago

Giovanni started smiling and laughing with dads cough.

Little firestarter Play Video

Little firestarter 18 months ago

Quentin is convinced that he can turn on and off the electric fireplace by ...