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Any medical professional will tell you babies are good for three things: peeing, pooping, and puking. The key to making the most of these crying and or laughing babies and their inevitable activities is being sure they happen in weird places. A baby could pee on a dog, poop on a wall, or puke in a parent's mouth. These funny baby videos are the things memories are made of, and luckily some people have captured those memories on video for our enjoyment.

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Bun In The Oven Play Video

Bun In The Oven 12 months ago

Clever way of telling Mom you're having a baby.

World's Worst Parent Play Video

World's Worst Parent 13 months ago

Mom is going to get home and kick this Dad's ass.

Cute Baby Loves The Stairs Play Video

Cute Baby Loves The Stairs 13 months ago

You won't see a baby enjoying going down stairs more than this one.

Baby Laughing Montage Play Video

Baby Laughing Montage 13 months ago

Hard to watch this entire compilation without at least smiling a bit.

Second A Day From Birth Play Video

Second A Day From Birth 13 months ago

If the kid sticks with this for life he can literally watch his life flash ...

11 Month Old Surfer Play Video

11 Month Old Surfer 14 months ago

11 month old surfer Kaimana Golden goes for the first surf.

Baby Footballer Fail Play Video

Baby Footballer Fail 14 months ago

Even though he fails, hes still cutest soccer player ever.

Mommy Fail Play Video

Mommy Fail 14 months ago

Mommy seems to have a tiny problem with multitasking.

Baby Rambles On Cell Phone Play Video

Baby Rambles On Cell Phone 14 months ago

A One Year Old picks up a ringing cell phone and does her best to talk to D...