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Another Laughing Baby Play Video

Another Laughing Baby 112 months ago

How can you not watch this video and at least smile a little. This is mayb...

Kung Fu Baby Play Video

Kung Fu Baby 110 months ago

He may be a baby but he's also a master kung fu martial artist. Get him his...

A New Hatebreed Fan Play Video

A New Hatebreed Fan 110 months ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got me...

Laughing Baby Play Video

Laughing Baby 108 months ago

This cute baby is a comedian's dream, not only does he crack up at the slig...

Baby With Infectious Laugh Play Video

Baby With Infectious Laugh 107 months ago

This baby has the most infectious laugh ever captured on video. This gerbe...

Baby Balancing Act Play Video

Baby Balancing Act 106 months ago

A guy has taught his six month old baby how to balance on one foot. To make...

A Couple Of Laughing Babies Play Video

A Couple Of Laughing Babies 104 months ago

Two videos that should brighten the day of even the coldest person. The fir...

Baby Trying To Stay Awake Play Video

Baby Trying To Stay Awake 101 months ago

Watching this baby struggling to stay awake is pretty funny. You think hes ...

Cute Baby Is Very Fickle Play Video

Cute Baby Is Very Fickle 98 months ago

This adorably cute little baby switches from really happy to bawling in an ...

Tired Baby Loves Cake Play Video

Tired Baby Loves Cake 98 months ago

This little baby is engaged an epic battle between the sand man and his sto...

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever Play Video

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever 96 months ago

This giggling baby has the best laugh ever. Almost makes up entirely for al...

Baby Gives The Evil Eye Play Video

Baby Gives The Evil Eye 94 months ago

A cute little baby enjoying an ice cream cone can give the evil eye on comm...

Baby Scared of Fart Play Video

Baby Scared of Fart 93 months ago

Babies have to learn about new things every day. Some of those discoveries ...

Hey Jude Kid Play Video

Hey Jude Kid 92 months ago

It's probably the unlikeliest cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Four-year-o...

Laughing Baby Surprise Play Video

Laughing Baby Surprise 91 months ago

I've heard of people laughing till they cried, but this is a new one.

Indian Baby Tossing Ritual Play Video

Indian Baby Tossing Ritual 90 months ago

Apparently tossing a baby off a 5 story building is good luck in India, it'...

Baby Knows What He Wants Play Video

Baby Knows What He Wants 90 months ago

This kid is only a couple months old and he already knows exactly what he w...

Crying Baby Vs Dog Play Video

Crying Baby Vs Dog 89 months ago

As annoying as this video is to listen too its pretty funny to see the dog ...

Try Not To Laugh Challenge Play Video

Try Not To Laugh Challenge 88 months ago

Challenge yourself and try not to laugh or smile during this entire four mi...

Toddler Kicks Dad in the Nuts Play Video

Toddler Kicks Dad in the Nuts 75 months ago

Isn't that cute? She's going to grow up to be a ball buster just like her m...

All the Single Babies Play Video

All the Single Babies 73 months ago

Sorry, Kanye — Beyoncé's video for "Single Ladies" has nothing on the versi...

Grindcore Baby Play Video

Grindcore Baby 71 months ago

This kid has gotten into that rebellious rock and roll music a little early...