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Message In A Bottle Play Video

Message In A Bottle 118 months ago

A father and son travel to the ocean to share a family tradition. His messa...

Time To Let Go Play Video

Time To Let Go 115 months ago

A girl comes home to meet her boyfriends parents and learns that he is defi...

First Graders Gettin Down Play Video

First Graders Gettin Down 115 months ago

How is it possible that these first graders have more rhythm than me at age...

Amazing Pool Kid Play Video

Amazing Pool Kid 114 months ago

This kid is friggin amazing. He calls out exactly what each ball will do o...

Dad Climbs Tree For Kite Play Video

Dad Climbs Tree For Kite 114 months ago

Some kid gets his kite stuck high up in a tree. His Dad climbs the tree an...

Homicidal Baby Starring Flynn Play Video

Homicidal Baby Starring Flynn 113 months ago

Flynn is just your ordinary average baby right? WRONG. Flynn is fed up with...

Happy Little Kid Play Video

Happy Little Kid 113 months ago

This video is hilarious. The kid must be one of the happiest babies I have...

Bad Acting Play Video

Bad Acting 112 months ago

From the Keanu Reeves school of acting.

Another Laughing Baby Play Video

Another Laughing Baby 112 months ago

How can you not watch this video and at least smile a little. This is mayb...

Kung Fu Baby Play Video

Kung Fu Baby 110 months ago

He may be a baby but he's also a master kung fu martial artist. Get him his...

Kid Falls From Hay Stack Play Video

Kid Falls From Hay Stack 110 months ago

This kid takes a pretty bad fall from a hay stack. I must say, thank god it...

Girl Falls Off Couch Play Video

Girl Falls Off Couch 110 months ago

So that's where Sara's fear of venetian blinds comes from.

A New Hatebreed Fan Play Video

A New Hatebreed Fan 110 months ago

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got me...

Toddler Climbs Refrigerator Play Video

Toddler Climbs Refrigerator 109 months ago

This is a cute. A toddler probably no more than 4 years old climbs up the ...

Asian Boy Heart Broken Play Video

Asian Boy Heart Broken 109 months ago

A little asian boy is all excited to give flowers to his crush. Unfortunate...

Laughing Baby Play Video

Laughing Baby 108 months ago

This cute baby is a comedian's dream, not only does he crack up at the slig...

Little Dove Hunter Play Video

Little Dove Hunter 108 months ago

Little dude dove hunting with his dad. Watch what happens when he gets a sh...

Baby With Infectious Laugh Play Video

Baby With Infectious Laugh 107 months ago

This baby has the most infectious laugh ever captured on video. This gerbe...

Spoiled Rich Chick Play Video

Spoiled Rich Chick 106 months ago

Let this video be a warning to any of you guys that spot this chick. She m...

Little Drummer Boy Play Video

Little Drummer Boy 106 months ago

This kid is amazing. The bands drummer takes a break and lets this kid fil...

Baby Shoots His First Gun Play Video

Baby Shoots His First Gun 106 months ago

A very young baby fires his first gun. is kindergarten really that rough no...

Baby Balancing Act Play Video

Baby Balancing Act 106 months ago

A guy has taught his six month old baby how to balance on one foot. To make...