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Family films will have you believe that being around your family is good for the soul. Picturesque holiday dinners will reinvigorate a lust for life formerly lost. This is a lie. There is a very simple reason why more suicides occur at the holidays, relatives can be awful. Break's family videos feature the worst parents, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nephews, 2nd cousins once removed, and half-step-god-parents on the internet. These vicious cruel people might make for a terrible family but they also make for amazing and hilarious videos. So, be thankful your family is not any of these.

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Meet Booger Boy Play Video

Meet Booger Boy 25 months ago

No matter what this 3 year old kid ends up accomplishing in his life he wil...

David After Dentist Play Video

David After Dentist 25 months ago

David After Dentist: Most of us dont regard trips to the dentist as sources...

Tired Baby Loves Cake Play Video

Tired Baby Loves Cake 26 months ago

This little baby is engaged an epic battle between the sand man and his sto...

Baby And Dog Fight Over Food Play Video

Baby And Dog Fight Over Food 26 months ago

This baby is learning a very valuable lesson right here. Sometimes what you...

Speakeasy - Andy Richter Play Video

Speakeasy - Andy Richter 26 months ago

This week, Andy Richter drains a Bloody Mary while talking frankly with Pau...

I Feel Dizzy Play Video

I Feel Dizzy 26 months ago

Kid goes into surgery with a busted arm and wakes up a Mafia boss.

Dad Reacts To Metal Music Play Video

Dad Reacts To Metal Music 27 months ago

This dad's reaction to the metal music his son is listening to is pretty hi...

Ryu Vs. Baby Play Video

Ryu Vs. Baby 27 months ago

This dad, doing his best Ryu (from Street Fighter) impersonation, knocks do...