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Family films will have you believe that being around your family is good for the soul. Picturesque holiday dinners will reinvigorate a lust for life formerly lost. This is a lie. There is a very simple reason why more suicides occur at the holidays, relatives can be awful. Break's family videos feature the worst parents, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nephews, 2nd cousins once removed, and half-step-god-parents on the internet. These vicious cruel people might make for a terrible family but they also make for amazing and hilarious videos. So, be thankful your family is not any of these.

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Baby licks dog Play Video

Baby licks dog 19 months ago

Cute baby gives backs licks to the Rottweiler

Baby falls Play Video

Baby falls 19 months ago

Cute Eston has a balance problem

Baby Wheelie Fail Play Video

Baby Wheelie Fail 19 months ago

Moral of the day: always wheelie with a bicucle

The 10 Most Dickish Kids Play Videos

The 10 Most Dickish Kids 19 months ago

We hope these kids learned their lessons from the bad things that deservedl...

Parents prank kid Play Video

Parents prank kid 19 months ago

Parents can be really mean sometimes

Laughing baby wakes up Play Video

Laughing baby wakes up 19 months ago

Giovanni started smiling and laughing with dads cough.

Uh oh! Play Video

Uh oh! 19 months ago

Twins dancing with their toy musical monkey. Their reaction when music stop...

Little firestarter Play Video

Little firestarter 19 months ago

Quentin is convinced that he can turn on and off the electric fireplace by ...

Daddy scares baby Play Video

Daddy scares baby 19 months ago

Baby jumps everytime daddy scares him

When Grandpa Attacks Play Video

When Grandpa Attacks 20 months ago

Now clean your room or next time it’ll be a frozen one.