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Family films will have you believe that being around your family is good for the soul. Picturesque holiday dinners will reinvigorate a lust for life formerly lost. This is a lie. There is a very simple reason why more suicides occur at the holidays, relatives can be awful. Break's family videos feature the worst parents, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nephews, 2nd cousins once removed, and half-step-god-parents on the internet. These vicious cruel people might make for a terrible family but they also make for amazing and hilarious videos. So, be thankful your family is not any of these.

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Dad Reacts To Metal Music Play Video

Dad Reacts To Metal Music 26 months ago

This dad's reaction to the metal music his son is listening to is pretty hi...

Ryu Vs. Baby Play Video

Ryu Vs. Baby 27 months ago

This dad, doing his best Ryu (from Street Fighter) impersonation, knocks do...

Baby Pull Ups Play Video

Baby Pull Ups 27 months ago

This 8 month old baby can probably do more pull ups than you.

Not Father of The Year Play Video

Not Father of The Year 27 months ago

Redneck dad plus a couple pieces of wood equals painful child memories.

How To Trap A Kid Play Video

How To Trap A Kid 27 months ago

And just like that, the whole market for nondescript white vans bottomed ou...

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son Play Video

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son 27 months ago

Apparently, this kid had been acting all tough around the house so his Dad ...

Dad Scares His Daughter Play Video

Dad Scares His Daughter 27 months ago

This father sneaks up on his little girl and scares her while she is watchi...

Cooler Than You Play Video

Cooler Than You 27 months ago

This dude's moment of glory comes to a quick end when he decides to pump hi...

Funnel Pranked Daughter Play Video

Funnel Pranked Daughter 27 months ago

This dad performs a hilariously mean prank on his daughter.

April 1st Prank On Baby Play Video

April 1st Prank On Baby 27 months ago

Dad plays an April Fools prank on his kid, but his son doesn't see the humo...