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Family films will have you believe that being around your family is good for the soul. Picturesque holiday dinners will reinvigorate a lust for life formerly lost. This is a lie. There is a very simple reason why more suicides occur at the holidays, relatives can be awful. Break's family videos feature the worst parents, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nephews, 2nd cousins once removed, and half-step-god-parents on the internet. These vicious cruel people might make for a terrible family but they also make for amazing and hilarious videos. So, be thankful your family is not any of these.

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Baby plays with dog Play Video

Baby plays with dog 17 months ago

Baby boy plays with his jack russell terrier and just cant stop laughing

Funny baby eating Play Video

Funny baby eating 17 months ago

Gluttonous baby faceplants into plate

BS TEST Play Video

BS TEST 17 months ago


I Don't Like Pickles Play Video

I Don't Like Pickles 17 months ago

Little boy wants to be sure that he really doesnt like pickles.

Baby bites wire Play Video

Baby bites wire 17 months ago

Cute baby likes licking that wire

He is so tired Play Video

He is so tired 18 months ago

Little boy tries hard to not surrender to sleep

Baby lures sister Play Video

Baby lures sister 18 months ago

Baby lures twin sister into a trap

Cute baby sneezes and falls Play Video

Cute baby sneezes and falls 18 months ago

Cute baby girl Sam falls after sneezing, giving a good laugh to her sister