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Family films will have you believe that being around your family is good for the soul. Picturesque holiday dinners will reinvigorate a lust for life formerly lost. This is a lie. There is a very simple reason why more suicides occur at the holidays, relatives can be awful. Break's family videos feature the worst parents, grandpas, aunts, uncles, nephews, 2nd cousins once removed, and half-step-god-parents on the internet. These vicious cruel people might make for a terrible family but they also make for amazing and hilarious videos. So, be thankful your family is not any of these.

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Baby vs Mirror Play Video

Baby vs Mirror 11 days ago

Pro tip: Don’t let your babies play with large panes of glass.

Skater Baby Grinds A Rail Play Video

Skater Baby Grinds A Rail 13 days ago

Start ‘em young so they can avoid the fail videos in the future.