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Reptiles are cold-blooded. This is not opinion; it is scientific fact. As a matter of fact, both big reptiles and small reptiles are cold-blooded killers in equal measure. Wrenched from the pits of hell itself, these slithering serpents represent an evil as old as time. The evidence for this is here in Break's reptiles videos. From the lowliest salamander to the most massive python and other snakes, these videos prove that reptiles are secretly plotting to kill all humans. They can't help it. It's in their blood.

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Snakes on a Baby Play Video

Snakes on a Baby 11 months ago

Four cobras guard a baby.

Jesus Christ Lizard Play Video

Jesus Christ Lizard 15 months ago

This lizard doesn't walk on water ... it runs.

Good Samaritan Fail Play Video

Good Samaritan Fail 23 months ago

Always check your pants before rescuing turtles on camera.

When Snakes Go Insane Play Video

When Snakes Go Insane 24 months ago

Snakes only eat their own ass when trying to get rid of the taste of Olive ...

Gecko Backflip Attack Play Video

Gecko Backflip Attack 27 months ago

Even the butterfly was impressed with these skills.

The Epic Frog Play Video

The Epic Frog 37 months ago

You could probably take this music and make an insurance seminar seem cool,...