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Windshield Wiper? Nope, Snake Play Video

Windshield Wiper? Nope, Snake 4 months ago

That guy squeals like a little girl but in his defense, the snake is venomo...

Worlds' Cutest Frog Play Video

Worlds' Cutest Frog 8 months ago

It's the perfect defense mechanism. The frog sounds way too annoying for a...

Jesus Christ Lizard Play Video

Jesus Christ Lizard 8 months ago

This lizard doesn't walk on water ... it runs.

Good Samaritan Fail Play Video

Good Samaritan Fail 17 months ago

Always check your pants before rescuing turtles on camera.

When Snakes Go Insane Play Video

When Snakes Go Insane 17 months ago

Snakes only eat their own ass when trying to get rid of the taste of Olive ...

Napthon View Image

Napthon 18 months ago

The distant cousin of the Python