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Old Folks Home View Image

Old Folks Home 112 months ago

Get me outa here mista!

Gimme A Hand View Image

Gimme A Hand 103 months ago

There goes his social life. Hopefully he wasnt a handyman. Gotta hand it to...

Do Not Pet The Aligator View Image

Do Not Pet The Aligator 102 months ago

Pretty gross and Im pretty sure this isnt the first time.

Spider Lizard View Image

Spider Lizard 102 months ago

This little thing is freaky looking.

A Real Ninja Turtle Play Video

A Real Ninja Turtle 102 months ago

This little fella really does not like cats on his lawn. He may be a lot s...

Turtle Love View Image

Turtle Love 102 months ago

No matter who or what you are, we all need some loving sometime.

Riding A Gator View Image

Riding A Gator 101 months ago

Something tells me that we are going to see this featured on when pets go b...

Lunch Time View Image

Lunch Time 101 months ago

He doesnt even see it coming.

Mini Frog View Image

Mini Frog 100 months ago

Probably is like one of those baby scorpions with the killing power of 10 m...

Knock Knock View Image

Knock Knock 100 months ago

Guess whose coming to eat you for dinner.

Gators Going Wild View Image

Gators Going Wild 100 months ago

This thing looks so fun here, until it takes your arm off.

Beware Of Gators View Image

Beware Of Gators 100 months ago

How many people had to learn this one the hard way before they put this sig...

Snake Feeding View Image

Snake Feeding 99 months ago

Wow, what a crapsalad job.

Turtle Is Confused But Happy Play Video

Turtle Is Confused But Happy 99 months ago

A turtle is crawling on the counter of a kitchen when he finds a large pot....

Snake Vs Tire View Image

Snake Vs Tire 99 months ago

At least its not a leg.

Perverse Sculpture View Image

Perverse Sculpture 99 months ago

Not really sure what the point of this thing is, but I would stop and stare...

Cobra Snake Wrestler Play Video

Cobra Snake Wrestler 99 months ago

This Egyptian dude is friggin crazy. He bounces on the ground with a letha...

The Last Drop View Image

The Last Drop 98 months ago

I guess some people get too lazy to do the roll up.

Not A Good Idea View Image

Not A Good Idea 98 months ago

How can anyone even think of doing this. Something tells me this is in a th...

Not A Good Idea View Image

Not A Good Idea 98 months ago

What are you stupid or something

Sword Faced Gator View Image

Sword Faced Gator 98 months ago

I wonder if the other gators make fun of his thin piece.

Long Ass Snake View Image

Long Ass Snake 97 months ago

This is actually one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Two Headed Snake View Image

Two Headed Snake 97 months ago

I wonder if there are any 2 headed trouser snakes.