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The world outdoors is terrifying for many reasons. Leeches, eagles, wolverines, and spiders are but a few of the nightmare animals that fill woodland areas. The king of these beasts is the bear. Through multiple videos and encounters, bears have shown that they are true walking terrors. Often the size of a VW Bug, a bear can sprint at 20 mph in pursuit and he'll drive you up a tree. Then, he'll climb said tree. And, finally, he'll turn you and the tree into yard mulch in ten seconds flat. Bear cubs may be cuddly and adorable, but their black eyes show their true nature as the woods greatest predator, and man's greatest threat - just check out footage of something like this bear vs cougar battle for incontrovertible proof.

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Hamster Vacuum 35 months ago

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Polar Bear Attacks Woman 36 months ago

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Polar Bear Ninja 38 months ago

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The All-Bear Hockey Team 70 months ago

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Sleepy Bear Falls Out Of Tree 72 months ago

Authorities shoot a bear with a tranquilizer dart after it managed to climb...

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