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Beartree View Image

Beartree 21 months ago


Bearface View Image

Bearface 21 months ago


Man Challenges Bear Play Video

Man Challenges Bear 21 months ago

In this video a complete idiot challenges a bear who's wandered into his ba...

Bear Safely Falls From Tree Play Video

Bear Safely Falls From Tree 24 months ago

A bear in a tree on the University of Colorado campus was recently tranquil...

Off to da den View Image

Off to da den 24 months ago

....which happens to be in that house

New Texting Danger: Bears Play Video

New Texting Danger: Bears 24 months ago

We know how you are. You'll be texting with your head down, unaware of the ...

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear Play Video

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear 24 months ago

This is one of those rare videos that you'll find awesome and adorable, yet...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bear Play Video

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bear 26 months ago

This bear displays some amazing stick skills. It's almost too frightening t...

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf Play Video

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf 26 months ago

Two of the most deadly predators in the world meet as young cubs and grow u...

Bear Waves Goodbye Play Video

Bear Waves Goodbye 28 months ago

Remember, kids. Some bears are nice. Let's not accuse them all of being hon...

Mixed Messages View Image

Mixed Messages 29 months ago

A sign about an enclosure from Free The Bears

Dancing Gangsta Bear Play Video

Dancing Gangsta Bear 30 months ago

Alright, I'm going to do it one more time kids and when I'm done you all ge...

Bears Discover How to Relax Play Video

Bears Discover How to Relax 30 months ago

Animal of the day! Bears are crazy animals. One moment, they're trying to d...