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Hippomouthamous View Image

Hippomouthamous 24 months ago

This is gonna be a mouthful

Drinkin' ma juice View Image

Drinkin' ma juice 24 months ago

It's official - Parrots love Minute Maid

Kyle Koala View Image

Kyle Koala 24 months ago

Dont worry Kyle, at least you dont look like a horse

Hippo Rams Tour Vehicle Play Video

Hippo Rams Tour Vehicle 24 months ago

This hippo clearly doesn't appreciate the fact that people are invading its...

15 Sad Animals In Casts View Gallery

15 Sad Animals In Casts 25 months ago

Seeing an animal in a cast is sort of sad, but also kind of funny. It's a t...

Drunk Rat View Image

Drunk Rat 25 months ago

You get drunk, you get naked.

Salvador Monkey View Image

Salvador Monkey 25 months ago

Dali's got nothing on this ape

Caw, B*tch! View Image

Caw, B*tch! 25 months ago

This Hawk wants you to CAWWW

Gorilla Pranks Zoo Workers Play Video

Gorilla Pranks Zoo Workers 25 months ago

The gorilla wasn't trying to hurt any of the zoo workers, he was just monke...

India Joust View Image

India Joust 25 months ago

Elephant on Elephant action

I done licked my back... View Image

I done licked my back... 25 months ago

This tropical frog learned how to lick his back and experience god

Elmer Fail View Image

Elmer Fail 25 months ago

Bambi is doing a one and done for he and Bugs

Say Again? View Image

Say Again? 25 months ago

Ear Bat is having some trouble hearing you