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After a 5 hour trek into the woods, most people are rewarded with a lovely view and the soft sounds of wildlife in the brush. Sometimes a statuesque doe, family of otters, or nesting bird of prey await them. This reward makes the long journey worth every step. Sometimes this reward is more of a curse. Such as when what's left of the doe is embedded in the grill of a Ford Taurus, or an eagle chooses a small child as it's prey. Don't even get started on tiger attacks. What was once lovely and beautiful becomes inconvenient and scary. Wildlife is best kept where it should be--in the wild.

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The Birds Play Video

The Birds 19 months ago

Starlings resembling a scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie, The B...

Braveheart goat Play Video

Braveheart goat 19 months ago

Goat and Hippo are great friends

Synchronized eating Play Video

Synchronized eating 19 months ago

Pata and Pon, the cute little brothers, are perfectly synchronized in their...

Meerkat orgy Play Video

Meerkat orgy 19 months ago

Thats a big big cuddle

Friendly camel Play Video

Friendly camel 19 months ago

Camel enters car to greet daddy and daughter

Dancing Lemur Play Video

Dancing Lemur 19 months ago

Hoping lemur in Madagaskar

Kangaroo Fights Hippo Play Video

Kangaroo Fights Hippo 19 months ago

Love Bug, the kangaroo, kicks hippo toy. Guess who wins

Monster turtle Play Video

Monster turtle 19 months ago

Good save us from this monster

Bear Wants Car Play Video

Bear Wants Car 19 months ago

Brown bear desperately wants to get in that garage and steal the car

Gorillas prison break Play Video

Gorillas prison break 19 months ago

Two gorillas from the Woodland Park Zoo teaming up to try to escape

Penguin fight Play Video

Penguin fight 19 months ago

Stay away from my girlfriend!