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After a 5 hour trek into the woods, most people are rewarded with a lovely view and the soft sounds of wildlife in the brush. Sometimes a statuesque doe, family of otters, or nesting bird of prey await them. This reward makes the long journey worth every step. Sometimes this reward is more of a curse. Such as when what's left of the doe is embedded in the grill of a Ford Taurus, or an eagle chooses a small child as it's prey. Don't even get started on tiger attacks. What was once lovely and beautiful becomes inconvenient and scary. Wildlife is best kept where it should be--in the wild.

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Mr. Newt’s Wild, Awful Ride Play Video

Mr. Newt’s Wild, Awful Ride 21 months ago

Yo frog, I heard you like to eat newts so we fed you this newt that another...

How Not to Feed a Crocodile Play Video

How Not to Feed a Crocodile 21 months ago

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Bear Vs. Angry Woman Play Video

Bear Vs. Angry Woman 21 months ago

This bear learned a valuable lesson: when a woman is yelling, you just leav...

Dumbo’s Dookie Delivery Play Video

Dumbo’s Dookie Delivery 22 months ago

They say elephants never forget. Sometimes you never forget an elephant.

Mine! Mine! Play Video

Mine! Mine! 22 months ago

Those Finding Nemo seagulls were terrifyingly accurate. Greedy little SOBs...

Caterpillar With A Deathwish Play Video

Caterpillar With A Deathwish 22 months ago

A caterpillar trying to end it all taunts a frog until he finally gets his ...

Real Life Yogi Is A Dick Play Video

Real Life Yogi Is A Dick 23 months ago

Maybe when you go camping, you shouldn't leave food out in your car because...

Clever Bird Goes Fishing Play Video

Clever Bird Goes Fishing 23 months ago

The early bird might get the worm, but the clever bird gets to sleep in and...

Angry Bison Chases Kids Play Video

Angry Bison Chases Kids 23 months ago

It's pretty easy to tell if a bison is tame or aggressive. If the bison co...

Alligator Attacks Trainer Play Video

Alligator Attacks Trainer 23 months ago

What the Hell, Dan! Get back out there and do it again.

More info abo...

A Monkey's Plea To Escape Play Video

A Monkey's Plea To Escape 24 months ago

A monkey relentlessly tries to communicate with a tourist how to open a zoo...

Gecko Backflip Attack Play Video

Gecko Backflip Attack 24 months ago

Even the butterfly was impressed with these skills.

Elephant Sneak Attack Play Video

Elephant Sneak Attack 24 months ago

An elephant gets within just a couple of feet of taking out a minivan on a ...