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After a 5 hour trek into the woods, most people are rewarded with a lovely view and the soft sounds of wildlife in the brush. Sometimes a statuesque doe, family of otters, or nesting bird of prey await them. This reward makes the long journey worth every step. Sometimes this reward is more of a curse. Such as when what's left of the doe is embedded in the grill of a Ford Taurus, or an eagle chooses a small child as it's prey. Don't even get started on tiger attacks. What was once lovely and beautiful becomes inconvenient and scary. Wildlife is best kept where it should be--in the wild.

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Gorillas prison break Play Video

Gorillas prison break 17 months ago

Two gorillas from the Woodland Park Zoo teaming up to try to escape

Penguin fight Play Video

Penguin fight 17 months ago

Stay away from my girlfriend!

Saddest panda ever Play Video

Saddest panda ever 18 months ago

Cute little panda desperately wants to climb a tree

Naughty monkey Play Video

Naughty monkey 18 months ago

Monkey enters car, scares little boy and dog

Sleepy swallow Play Video

Sleepy swallow 18 months ago

Sleep little swallow, you look very tired

warthog  attack Play Video

warthog attack 18 months ago

Ugly warthog wants his space

Silly Prairie Dog Play Video

Silly Prairie Dog 18 months ago

Silly prairie dog wants to take a long stick into his hole

Poor seagull... Play Video

Poor seagull... 18 months ago

Seagull hits lady on the beach