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Damn Those Hippos View Image

Damn Those Hippos 112 months ago

I cannot go a week without hearing about one of those damn hippo eats dwarf...

The Techno Parrot Play Video

The Techno Parrot 112 months ago

If the Techno Viking had a pet, this would be it. All hail Techno Parrot!

Horny Rats View Image

Horny Rats 112 months ago

Good to know that a rat is worse than a dog when it comes to getting their ...

Break Photo Hunt 23 View Image

Break Photo Hunt 23 112 months ago

When you have found all the differences, send a message to break user break...

Break Photo Hunt 23 View Image

Break Photo Hunt 23 112 months ago

There are 5 differences between this photo and the next. Find the 5 and fol...

Bear Has Sick Stick Skills Play Video

Bear Has Sick Stick Skills 113 months ago

This bear has some sick skills with a stick. He should try out for the marc...

Two Headed Snake View Image

Two Headed Snake 113 months ago

I wonder if there are any 2 headed trouser snakes.

Chained To Monkey View Image

Chained To Monkey 113 months ago

I cannot wait to see the comments on this one.

Kangaroo Dodges Death Play Video

Kangaroo Dodges Death 113 months ago

A kangaroo jumped onto the track during a race in Bathurst, Australia this ...

Pretty Kitty.jpg View Image

Pretty Kitty.jpg 113 months ago

Freaking scary looking kitty.

When Hogs Go Hogging View Image

When Hogs Go Hogging 113 months ago

I guess this is a threesome in their world. Had no idea they were that horn...

Angry Elephant View Image

Angry Elephant 113 months ago

This guy will probably think twice before poking at an elephant with a stic...

How To Piss Off A Moose Play Video

How To Piss Off A Moose 113 months ago

This guy has a moose walk within 10 feet of him while he has his bow and ar...

Long Ass Snake View Image

Long Ass Snake 113 months ago

This is actually one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Rare Indoor Flying Squirrel Play Video

Rare Indoor Flying Squirrel 113 months ago

Somehow a squirrel managed to get inside this house and these guys struggle...

Dont Touch A Lions Paw Play Video

Dont Touch A Lions Paw 113 months ago

This dude just learned out the hard way that lions really dont like it when...

Kitty Love View Image

Kitty Love 113 months ago

I can just see the next few minutes turning into when animals attack.

Wolf And Polar Bear Play View Image

Wolf And Polar Bear Play 114 months ago

This is a photo of a sled dog that encountered a polar bear that had not ea...

Underwater Polar Bear View Image

Underwater Polar Bear 114 months ago

How could anyone be scared of these adorable creatures that could rip my fa...

Camel Snow Races View Image

Camel Snow Races 114 months ago

I did not know they had camels in the snow.

Sword Faced Gator View Image

Sword Faced Gator 114 months ago

I wonder if the other gators make fun of his thin piece.

King Of The Jungle View Image

King Of The Jungle 114 months ago

When it sees a pussy, it goes after it.