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Ocean Life

The ocean can be a place of peace and tranquility. Where leisurely pedestrians stroll and feed the sea gulls as the breeze holds them aloft. This is all above the surface. Below the water the sea is a dangerous and terrifying place. The oceans are filled to the brim with the nightmarish monsters most people spend years forgetting, home to brutal octopus vs squid battles for supremacy. From angry crabs and whales the size of school buses to huge waves to the largest predators on the planet hungry for just a taste of man flesh. The ocean, and the cruel monsters in it, make for some of the best Break videos. So if you want to feed birds, go to a park.

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Aquarium Fence Play Video

Aquarium Fence 14 months ago

A man in Turkey installed a 165 foot aquarium for a fence. Looks like he r...

Girl Entertains Dolphin Play Video

Girl Entertains Dolphin 15 months ago

A girl does some random tumbling and gets the best surprise.

Shark Bites Man's Hand Play Video

Shark Bites Man's Hand 15 months ago

The shark really didn't think this whole thing out. Sure he got his reveng...

Surprise, Shark! Play Video

Surprise, Shark! 16 months ago

Nothing like suddenly seeing a large Tiger shark swim by while spear fishin...

Mermaid Caught On Camera Play Video

Mermaid Caught On Camera 16 months ago

Locals and tourists in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam have been flocking to...

Dolphin Dance Play Video

Dolphin Dance 16 months ago

Dolphin excels in waltz.

Orcas Chase Speed Boat Play Video

Orcas Chase Speed Boat 17 months ago

Willy just wants to know what you thought of his films.

Sneaky Octopus Escape Artist Play Video

Sneaky Octopus Escape Artist 18 months ago

"Like trying to get my wife in her wedding dress." - (a guy that enjoys sle...