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Ocean Life

The ocean can be a place of peace and tranquility. Where leisurely pedestrians stroll and feed the sea gulls as the breeze holds them aloft. This is all above the surface. Below the water the sea is a dangerous and terrifying place. The oceans are filled to the brim with the nightmarish monsters most people spend years forgetting, home to brutal octopus vs squid battles for supremacy. From angry crabs and whales the size of school buses to huge waves to the largest predators on the planet hungry for just a taste of man flesh. The ocean, and the cruel monsters in it, make for some of the best Break videos. So if you want to feed birds, go to a park.

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This Penguin Is A Jerk Play Video

This Penguin Is A Jerk 28 months ago

One penguin is just standing around minding its own business while a jerk p...

Crowded Koi Pond Play Video

Crowded Koi Pond 28 months ago

Anyone else think this Koi pond might be a little bit overstocked?


KILLER WHALES 29 months ago

I'm Mike McAlister. I weigh 130 pounds and this is Newsfeed. PETA is suing...

 40 FOOT SHARK! Play Video

40 FOOT SHARK! 29 months ago

Hi I’m Jonathan London and you’re watching Newsfeed. Fishermen in Karachi,...

Crab Attacks Man's Nose Play Video

Crab Attacks Man's Nose 32 months ago

No one is surprised. Everyone who knows this guy knows he's always had a pr...

Charge Of The Penguin Play Video

Charge Of The Penguin 34 months ago

It's been six years since March Of The Penguins, and he hasn't worked since...

How To Troll A Seagull Play Video

How To Troll A Seagull 34 months ago

You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on a sea g...

Enormous Deep Sea Shark Play Video

Enormous Deep Sea Shark 34 months ago

Challenge: Watch all 87 seconds of this video without ever saying 'That's ...

Octopus Lives In A Bottle Play Video

Octopus Lives In A Bottle 37 months ago

Yeah, it's small, but it's affordable and is in a great location.

Seals Kiss After Being Freed Play Video

Seals Kiss After Being Freed 37 months ago

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center released two seal pups at Laguna Beach on ...

The Shark Whisperer Play Video

The Shark Whisperer 37 months ago

This chick befriends a Great White shark and it allows her to hand feed it ...

Sea Lion Is Exhausted Play Video

Sea Lion Is Exhausted 38 months ago

A sea lion is so tired from a swim he can't crawl the final few feet to lay...

Ticklish Penguin  Play Video

Ticklish Penguin 39 months ago

Whatever he's doing to that penguin, I'm pretty sure it's inappropriate for...

Baby Shark Bites Man Play Video

Baby Shark Bites Man 39 months ago

Aww, baby shark bites are the cutest possible shark bites you can get!

Penguin Leap Of Faith Play Video

Penguin Leap Of Faith 40 months ago

A cute penguin attempts to jump over a 23 foot drop from one boulder to the...

Reef Shark Swims Among Fish Play Video

Reef Shark Swims Among Fish 41 months ago

"Look, guys, relax. I just want to hang out and chill. I mean, yeah, I am p...

Octopus Lives In A Bottle Play Video

Octopus Lives In A Bottle 41 months ago

Yeah, it's small, but it's affordable and is in a great location.

Dramatic Overreaction By Seal Play Video

Dramatic Overreaction By Seal 42 months ago

This 10lb penguin jumps on the side of a 300lb seal and the seal reacts as ...

Penguin Has Happy Feet Play Video

Penguin Has Happy Feet 42 months ago

One penguin. One FourLoko. One New Year's Eve he'll never forget.

Underwater Farting Penguin Play Video

Underwater Farting Penguin 44 months ago

Penguin doesn't want to be followed anymore so he comes up with the perfect...

Mimic Octopus In Action Play Video

Mimic Octopus In Action 44 months ago

The mimic octopus can change its shape and form with the greatest of ease. ...