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If horses were as smart as dogs, or if they had opposable thumbs, humanity would no longer be the dominant species on the planet. Luckily, these noble creatures serve mainly as our beasts of burden, crucial modes of transportation for most of human history. But their greatness will not be celebrated here. From people too fat to ride to bronco horses too wild to tame, all things equine can be found here. Pretty ponies, elegant dressage, and expert jumping clips need not apply. Break's horse videos show the very best accidents, bucking broncos and incompetent riders the Internet has to offer.

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Backwoods Wakeboarding Play Video

Backwoods Wakeboarding 8 months ago

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Parkour Horse Fail Play Video

Parkour Horse Fail 18 months ago

The horse is 100% ok after this failed stunt, but his ego is a bit shattere...