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Cows are noble beasts. Moderately docile and innately built with the ability to work as a herd, these walking chuck wagons have long fed the people of earth. These noble bovine are more than just collections of rib eyes, sirloins, filets, and chuck roasts. These massive animals are also incredibly dangerous, much like bigger, crazy horses. Capable of stampeding in huge herds, and kicking straight through a rancher's body, these half ton slabs of meat are better dealt with in their cooked, delicious form. Pass the steak sauce.

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Cows Freaked Out By Space X 15 months ago

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Mad Cow Attack 21 months ago

Why were these guys filming a dead cow in the first place?

Cow fail Play Video

Cow fail 23 months ago

A cow with head stuck in trucks wheel-well

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Dangerous Cow? 38 months ago

Police officers in Quebec, Canada respond to calls of a runaway cow. I und...

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Sheep Gets Revenge 39 months ago

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RC Car Cattle Round-Up 39 months ago

Did you know you could use a radio-controlled car to round up cattle? There...

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Biplane Clips Cow 74 months ago

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