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Meat is important. Although livestock play a vital part in the food pyramid, livestock are an integral part of the world's economy as well. Their importance is contained mainly in their becoming or producing milk, eggs, chicken tenders, hamburgers, steaks, ice cream, and deviled eggs. But these beasts of burden also create great videos of stampedes, insane farming practices, and terrified ranch hands. So for the best videos of chickens, cows, sheep, llamas, and alpacas, look no further than Break's livestock videos.

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Goat VS Little Girl Play Video

Goat VS Little Girl 14 months ago

Cute girl laughs at the goat,which doesnt seem to like it.

Guinea Pig Metal Detector Play Video

Guinea Pig Metal Detector 14 months ago

This guinea pig squeaks when petted. It reminds us of a metal detector soun...

Goat Rage! Play Video

Goat Rage! 14 months ago

That is one angry ass goat.

Donkey Street Fight Play Video

Donkey Street Fight 15 months ago

MMA level fighting with wrestling and kickboxing elements.

Rolling Donkey Play Video

Rolling Donkey 15 months ago

Donkey rolling around. . . for no obvious reason.

Emu loves man Play Video

Emu loves man 15 months ago

Emu becomes too friendly...

A cute farm moment Play Video

A cute farm moment 15 months ago

Mother protects baby miniature horse from a gang of vicious pygmy goats

Worst Sheep Rescue Ever Play Video

Worst Sheep Rescue Ever 15 months ago

That moment when no one knows if everyone OK is kind of exciting.

Little lamb Play Video

Little lamb 16 months ago

Just a cute little lamb

Goat riding donkey Play Video

Goat riding donkey 16 months ago

Goat rides donkey, for not apparent reason

Gangsta chicken pwnes cat Play Video

Gangsta chicken pwnes cat 16 months ago

This chicken had seven siblings that all died tragically in a middle-of-the...

Pygmy goats play game Play Video

Pygmy goats play game 16 months ago

The rules are simple: Run like the wind to the BIG wood pile

Amazing Snow Sheep Rescue Play Video

Amazing Snow Sheep Rescue 17 months ago

3 days in the snow and you can just dig them out. That’s kind of crazy.

Alpaca eats Play Video

Alpaca eats 17 months ago

This alpaca is gonna hypnotize you

Mad Cow Attack Play Video

Mad Cow Attack 17 months ago

Why were these guys filming a dead cow in the first place?

Leave me alone! Play Video

Leave me alone! 17 months ago

Pygmy goat pwnes paparazzi wanabe

Lambs have fan Play Video

Lambs have fan 18 months ago

Edie and Dasher, the lambs, have ome fun hoping around the house