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Meat is important. Although livestock play a vital part in the food pyramid, livestock are an integral part of the world's economy as well. Their importance is contained mainly in their becoming or producing milk, eggs, chicken tenders, hamburgers, steaks, ice cream, and deviled eggs. But these beasts of burden also create great videos of stampedes, insane farming practices, and terrified ranch hands. So for the best videos of chickens, cows, sheep, llamas, and alpacas, look no further than Break's livestock videos.

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Chicken Attack!!! Play Video

Chicken Attack!!! 5 months ago

Run you fool! has Legend of Zelda taught you nothing!? Never enrage the chi...

Turkey Confused by Reflection Play Video

Turkey Confused by Reflection 10 months ago

Wonder if the turkey will be confused when it sees it's reflection on my pl...

Cows Freaked Out By Space X Play Video

Cows Freaked Out By Space X 11 months ago

Everybody is a fan of the Space X program except for these confused cows.

Ticklish Lamb Wagging Tail Play Video

Ticklish Lamb Wagging Tail 12 months ago

Cute baby lamb wags his tail every time someone tickles or pets him

The Self Hating Goat Play Video

The Self Hating Goat 12 months ago

Apparently no one is concerned that the mirror will break.