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Zero Dark Doggy View Image

Zero Dark Doggy 13 months ago

This dog is a member of SEAL Team Six. So, yeah, probably the most awesome/...

Cruisin' Dog View Image

Cruisin' Dog 13 months ago

A dog that can drive? If that's not awesome, than I don't know what is.

Gentleman Dog View Image

Gentleman Dog 13 months ago

A dog that enjoys the finer things in life like a top hat and a pipe, has g...

Hot Dog View Image

Hot Dog 13 months ago

If this dog can pick up ladies like this awesome is the least coolest thing...

Guard Dog View Image

Guard Dog 13 months ago

Dog machine gun = awesome.

Rocket Dog View Image

Rocket Dog 13 months ago

This dog went to space. Not only does this eclipse the accomplishments of a...

Dog Norris View Image

Dog Norris 13 months ago

Any dog who's a cop and hangs out with Chuck Norris is most definitely awes...

Pimp Dog View Image

Pimp Dog 13 months ago

Not only can this dog read, he can elevate his game in pickin' up all those...

Badass Dog View Image

Badass Dog 13 months ago

As you can see, this dog has such a badass stare he can probably stop anyth...

Cool Dog View Image

Cool Dog 13 months ago

This dog is so cool he's wearing sunglasses. He probably can play jazz too.

10 Crazy-Awesome Dogs View Gallery

10 Crazy-Awesome Dogs 13 months ago

Dogs are probably one of the most awesome things in the world. At the very ...

Dog fetches beer Play Video

Dog fetches beer 13 months ago

Diesel the dog brings some beer for his friend

Pug bullies cat Play Video

Pug bullies cat 13 months ago

Poor kiity wants desperatelly to avoid the little stalker

Dog struggles with snow Play Video

Dog struggles with snow 13 months ago

Ziggy (aka Snowy Dog) is a Poodle/Yorkie Terrier mix and loves plowing thro...

 Puppy Goes Shopping Play Video

Puppy Goes Shopping 13 months ago

Kronos, the 13 week old male ACD (Blue Heeler), love to fill his shopping t...