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Dogs are man's best friend. Rambunctious, playful and loyal as this funny Doberman Pinscher, these pets have all the qualities needed in a confidant. But there is a dark side made up of creepy barking, untamed savagery, and a relentless need to hump everything. All of these traits so dominant that even the worlds largest rolled up news paper will not suffice. The videos showcased here show both the horrible and cuddly, in all shapes and sizes. From the most vicious teacup Shih Tzu to the most adorable Great Dane.

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Tasty WOW Play Video

Tasty WOW 20 months ago

Dog tries to eat WOW character

Careless Maya Play Video

Careless Maya 20 months ago

Maya, the dog, getting over-excited over a tennis ball

Static dog Play Video

Static dog 20 months ago

Kali the dog discovers static electricity

Dog looks silly Play Video

Dog looks silly 20 months ago

Its all about that tongue

New born puppy Play Video

New born puppy 20 months ago

Phoebem the newborn puppy, needs some sleep

Cool dog chariot Play Video

Cool dog chariot 20 months ago

Ben Hur heritage is well preserved


DO NOT LIFT THIS DOG'S TAIL! 21 months ago

Someone needs to get this guy to a vet because I don't think tails are supp...

Dog Vs. Gear Shift Play Video

Dog Vs. Gear Shift 22 months ago

Not sure this is a fight the dog wants to win. Because if this car slams in...

Aquadog Rescues His Friends Play Video

Aquadog Rescues His Friends 23 months ago

Thank God that 3rd dog was such a good swimmer, and that someone was there ...

The Luckiest Dog on Earth Play Video

The Luckiest Dog on Earth 23 months ago

At least he made it across the street, but screw the guy who didn’t even st...