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Dog stuck in her bed Play Video

Dog stuck in her bed 9 months ago

A cute little dog stuck inside her bedding material.

Dog running on top of sheep Play Video

Dog running on top of sheep 9 months ago

An enthusiastic sheep dog takes the easy route over this manic herd of shee...

Slow Motion Fetch Play Video

Slow Motion Fetch 14 months ago

A man records his dog trying to successfully catch a ball while playing fet...

Dog Uses Crosswalk Play Video

Dog Uses Crosswalk 17 months ago

A dashcam records a dog crossing the street at a crosswalk.

You Want Some Mountain Dew? Play Video

You Want Some Mountain Dew? 18 months ago

A man keeps asking his dog if it wants some Mountain Dew - but every time ...

My dog missed football Play Video

My dog missed football 18 months ago

An excited dog loves the NFL game - but hates it when it gets turned off.

Dog Pukes Shark Play Video

Dog Pukes Shark 20 months ago

Video of a dog puking out a rubber shark toy that it previously ingested.

Two Dogs Stuck Together! Play Video

Two Dogs Stuck Together! 21 months ago

A man makes funny comments while he films his two dogs boning - but during ...

Scout vs. Helicopter Play Video

Scout vs. Helicopter 22 months ago

As a toy helicopter starts up for take off - a dog bites at the copter - bu...