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Dogs are man's best friend. Rambunctious, playful and loyal as this funny Doberman Pinscher, these pets have all the qualities needed in a confidant. But there is a dark side made up of creepy barking, untamed savagery, and a relentless need to hump everything. All of these traits so dominant that even the worlds largest rolled up news paper will not suffice. The videos showcased here show both the horrible and cuddly, in all shapes and sizes. From the most vicious teacup Shih Tzu to the most adorable Great Dane.

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Babysitter bulldog Play Video

Babysitter bulldog 17 months ago

American bulldog looks dangerous but actually is the best babysitter ever

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet Play Video

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet 17 months ago

People in a McDonalds restroom haven’t got it mastered as well as this dog.

Dog show goes wrong Play Video

Dog show goes wrong 17 months ago

Rottweiller attacks another dog during dog show

Fire siren dog Play Video

Fire siren dog 17 months ago

A very good back-up in case that the alarming system fails

Dogs singing Mozart Play Video

Dogs singing Mozart 17 months ago

Opera guy gets a little help from his dogs

Dog fail Play Video

Dog fail 17 months ago

Heavy sleeping dog falling off a stool

Dog imitating panda. Play Video

Dog imitating panda. 17 months ago

Bull terier sitting like a boss and rubbing its own belly.

Cute jumping puppy Play Video

Cute jumping puppy 17 months ago

I can see some salsa dancing moves among the jumps

Cant reach toy Play Video

Cant reach toy 17 months ago

Dog just cant figure out how to get the toys out of the water

Dog Wants A Kitty Play Video

Dog Wants A Kitty 17 months ago

So don’t get your dog a snake is the point of this.

Dog Hits A Homerun Play Video

Dog Hits A Homerun 17 months ago

When soccer is on all the dog does is change the channel.

Creepy Exorcist Dog Play Video

Creepy Exorcist Dog 17 months ago

Teach him to turn around, it’ll be less weird for everyone.

Frisbee fail Play Video

Frisbee fail 18 months ago

Dog seems to have a small problem getting this frisbee