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Dogs are man's best friend. Rambunctious, playful and loyal as this funny Doberman Pinscher, these pets have all the qualities needed in a confidant. But there is a dark side made up of creepy barking, untamed savagery, and a relentless need to hump everything. All of these traits so dominant that even the worlds largest rolled up news paper will not suffice. The videos showcased here show both the horrible and cuddly, in all shapes and sizes. From the most vicious teacup Shih Tzu to the most adorable Great Dane.

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Cute Dog Misses His Owner Play Video

Cute Dog Misses His Owner 14 months ago

Listen to this puppy cry whenever he hears his owner's name who is away on ...

Pit Bull Takes Hostage Play Video

Pit Bull Takes Hostage 14 months ago

Hilarious commentary from this dude being held hostage by the neighbors pit...

Boston Terrier VS A Goat Play Video

Boston Terrier VS A Goat 15 months ago

Lilly , the boston terrier, and a goat are having a really badass fight. Ex...

Dog Does Not Want To Wake Up Play Video

Dog Does Not Want To Wake Up 15 months ago

Not much you can do when it's a Great Dane. Got to just stand there asking...

Dog Training Fail Play Video

Dog Training Fail 15 months ago

Dog tries to get a toy and fails miserably.

Puppy Fail Play Video

Puppy Fail 15 months ago

Puppy fails while jumping off a basket.

Dog Funny Fall Play Video

Dog Funny Fall 15 months ago

I believe the cat pwned the dog.

Dog Jump Fail Play Video

Dog Jump Fail 15 months ago

Oops, that was embarrassing.

Dog Plays Pool Play Video

Dog Plays Pool 15 months ago

We would have been more impressed had he not dropped the eight ball.

Dog Loves Meerkat Ad Play Video

Dog Loves Meerkat Ad 15 months ago

Roxy, the dog, is a great fan of the meerkat commercial.