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Dogs are man's best friend. Rambunctious, playful and loyal as this funny Doberman Pinscher, these pets have all the qualities needed in a confidant. But there is a dark side made up of creepy barking, untamed savagery, and a relentless need to hump everything. All of these traits so dominant that even the worlds largest rolled up news paper will not suffice. The videos showcased here show both the horrible and cuddly, in all shapes and sizes. From the most vicious teacup Shih Tzu to the most adorable Great Dane.

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Automatic Dog Door Opener Play Video

Automatic Dog Door Opener 12 months ago

Why get up and let the dog n yourself when someone else can do it?

Puppy Vs Mirror Play Video

Puppy Vs Mirror 12 months ago

Cute little dog can't figure out what he is looking at in the mirror.

Matrix Puppies Play Video

Matrix Puppies 13 months ago

It took 52 GoPro Cameras to create this Matrix effect!

Cheerios 1, Dog 0 Play Video

Cheerios 1, Dog 0 13 months ago

It looks so blown away when it has that one on its head.

Dog Has A Good Day Of Fishing Play Video

Dog Has A Good Day Of Fishing 13 months ago

It sort of depresses us that this dog caught a bigger fish than we ever hav...

Puppy Vs Great Dane Play Video

Puppy Vs Great Dane 14 months ago

Not even strong enough to annoy the big guy.

The President Gets A New Dog Play Video

The President Gets A New Dog 14 months ago

The Obama's welcomed the newest member of their family -- a little girl (pu...

Dog Practices Yoga With Owner Play Video

Dog Practices Yoga With Owner 14 months ago

This cute little chihuahua does all the moves, but does he really look that...