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Cats may appear cute, clever, and cuddly. They're often tossed into one of two buckets when it comes to the internet: either you're going to watch them in a cute cat video or a stupid cat video. But this is a lie. In reality cats are vicious, vengeful, horrifying balls of clawed death. A tiny tiger sleeping on the couch, or a loving lion snuggling up to your jugular might seem sweet, but this is all part of the hunt. Haven't you ever seen a tiger vs lion fight? Those cats are freaking insane. Packing four paws full of switchblades and a desire to kill all humans, these feral feline videos capture the truth about cats.

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Cat Vs. Glass Door! Play Video

Cat Vs. Glass Door! 4 months ago

The most awesomely random B-roll footage you could hope for in a cooking re...

 Cats Don’t Like You Play Video

Cats Don’t Like You 4 months ago

Maybe the cat wouldn’t scratch you if you weren’t a complete tool.