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Cat Wants His Privacy Play Video

Cat Wants His Privacy 53 months ago

Creepy cat wants a little privacy while he is in the bathroom.

Kittens In Sync Play Video

Kittens In Sync 53 months ago

A while back we said we would never do another cat pun in the title of a po...

Cat Vs Toaster Play Video

Cat Vs Toaster 53 months ago

Curiosity wasn't enough to kill the cat this time but, I bet it at least ke...

Adorably Drunk Animals View Gallery

Adorably Drunk Animals 53 months ago

Animals like to party and where do we, as humans, have any right to deny th...

Cat Acrobat Leap Play Video

Cat Acrobat Leap 53 months ago

The cat is this video shows of its' acrobatic skill. With a ceiling fan jus...

Kitten Hide and Seek Fail Play Video

Kitten Hide and Seek Fail 53 months ago

A playful kitten is outsmarted by an older cat when he tries to sneak up an...

The Cat Spotter Play Video

The Cat Spotter 54 months ago

Working out is hard and sometimes, we need a little help. This guy is lucky...

Cat Sings The Blues Play Video

Cat Sings The Blues 54 months ago

Either this is the world's first singing cat or he is just complaining some...

Fish Bites Cat Play Video

Fish Bites Cat 54 months ago

Fish gets tired of having the cat watch his every move and finally let's hi...

Fat Cat Needs A Home Play Video

Fat Cat Needs A Home 54 months ago

This is actually sort of a sad news report until the cat tries to go inside...

Cat's Weakness Discovered Play Video

Cat's Weakness Discovered 54 months ago

Apparently, cats can't figure out what to do when a piece of ham is dropped...

World's Most Annoying Cat Play Video

World's Most Annoying Cat 55 months ago

Tough competition to take this title, but I think this cat might have done ...

Catvertising Play Video

Catvertising 55 months ago

The future is in cats and these smart advertisers know it.

Kitten Is Afraid Of Vaccum Play Video

Kitten Is Afraid Of Vaccum 55 months ago

This is probably the most disgustingly adorable thing you'll see today.

Cat Turns Off The Lights Play Video

Cat Turns Off The Lights 55 months ago

Even though the light is about seven feet above it, this cat can take care ...

Curiosity Trapped The Cat Play Video

Curiosity Trapped The Cat 56 months ago

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Brandy Babbs! Like Us on ...

The Catcopter Play Video

The Catcopter 56 months ago

Yesterday, we gave you a flying Delorean. Today, you get a flying cat. The ...

A Dog In A Cat's Body Play Video

A Dog In A Cat's Body 56 months ago

I've never seen a cat play fetch before. Also, while adorable, I'm worried ...

Parkour Cat Play Video

Parkour Cat 56 months ago

As awesome as this it, I can't help but get anxious and sad thinking about ...

Dubstep Hipster Cat Play Video

Dubstep Hipster Cat 57 months ago

You might not like dubstep. You might not like cats. But who doesn't love...

Curious Cat Vs Fish Play Video

Curious Cat Vs Fish 57 months ago

Luckily for the cat curiosity didn't kill him this time. Damn.

Cat Rides Subwoofer Play Video

Cat Rides Subwoofer 57 months ago

Play whatever you want, this cat doesn't care. In fact, it likes the beat, ...