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Cat Vs Exercise Ball Play Video

Cat Vs Exercise Ball 34 months ago

Oriental Siamese kitten gets flattened by an exercise ball.

The Cat's Dilemma Play Video

The Cat's Dilemma 34 months ago

Doesn't matter how rundown the hole in the wall is. It's still not cool to ...

Cat Helps Guy Juggle Play Video

Cat Helps Guy Juggle 34 months ago

The cat is demanding a percentage of the juggler's profits.

Juggling With A Cat Play Video

Juggling With A Cat 34 months ago

A bit disappointed when we didn't see cats flying, but still pretty cool tr...

Cat Goes Fishing Play Video

Cat Goes Fishing 34 months ago

We thought the cat was after a piece of bread, but it had bigger plans.

Cat Vs Chipmunk Play Video

Cat Vs Chipmunk 34 months ago

A friendly cat chases and plays in the park with a chipmunk.

Bonding With His Cat Play Video

Bonding With His Cat 34 months ago

Not sure we have ever seen a cat learn to do a trick on command like this.

Cat Vs Fishbowl Play Video

Cat Vs Fishbowl 34 months ago

Doesn't look to comfortable for the little fella.

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match Play Video

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match 35 months ago

Tough cat has the dog pinned for nearly the whole match in Round One.

Slurping Cat Play Video

Slurping Cat 35 months ago

Roman slurps his water.

Cat With Tag Play Video

Cat With Tag 35 months ago

Cat helps friend to get rid of the luggage tag.

Cat Vs. Printer Battle Play Video

Cat Vs. Printer Battle 35 months ago

The epic battle continues between felines and printer robots. Who wins this...

Kitten Loves Warm Bath Play Video

Kitten Loves Warm Bath 35 months ago

Have you ever seen a cat actually want to take a bath?