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Cats may appear cute, clever, and cuddly. They're often tossed into one of two buckets when it comes to the internet: either you're going to watch them in a cute cat video or a stupid cat video. But this is a lie. In reality cats are vicious, vengeful, horrifying balls of clawed death. A tiny tiger sleeping on the couch, or a loving lion snuggling up to your jugular might seem sweet, but this is all part of the hunt. Haven't you ever seen a tiger vs lion fight? Those cats are freaking insane. Packing four paws full of switchblades and a desire to kill all humans, these feral feline videos capture the truth about cats.

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A flying cat Play Video

A flying cat 19 months ago

A kitty creating chaos

Cat with colossal patience Play Video

Cat with colossal patience 19 months ago

Kiity was stepped on, slapped, ear picked and head locked within just a few...

Lazy cats playing Play Video

Lazy cats playing 19 months ago

Lazy kittens playing with their cat toy

Sleepy kittens Play Video

Sleepy kittens 19 months ago

Zoey and Domino falling asleep together

How To Build A Cat-apult Play Video

How To Build A Cat-apult 19 months ago

For five bucks this is an effective way to make sure your cat never jumps o...

Cat hates carrot Play Video

Cat hates carrot 19 months ago

Cat really doesnt seem to like carrots

Cat bites hand Play Video

Cat bites hand 19 months ago

Just when you thought that cat enjoyed it

Kitty torture Play Video

Kitty torture 19 months ago

Fat cat riding a friend

Cat massaging dog Play Video

Cat massaging dog 19 months ago

Its cold out there, time for a good massage

Cat Actually Wins Cup Game Play Video

Cat Actually Wins Cup Game 19 months ago

Is this the smartest cat ever or a robot? Or a smart cat robot? Oh, God. We...

Lazy cats code Play Video

Lazy cats code 19 months ago

This cat will answer your questions with a unique way

Tongue problem Play Video

Tongue problem 19 months ago

Surprised cat forgets tongue out

Cat in vase Play Video

Cat in vase 19 months ago

Pantera, the 4 month old kitten, plays upside down in a vase

Fact: Cats Hate Mario Play Video

Fact: Cats Hate Mario 20 months ago

It is, after all, one of the most grating sound effects in game history. Th...

Hide and Go Boob Play Video

Hide and Go Boob 20 months ago

It’s cute when a kitten does it but if you try to do it to some lady she’s ...

The Cute Escape Play Video

The Cute Escape 21 months ago

Mom encourages kitten to escape and then hugs it with tenderness.