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Cats may appear cute, clever, and cuddly. They're often tossed into one of two buckets when it comes to the internet: either you're going to watch them in a cute cat video or a stupid cat video. But this is a lie. In reality cats are vicious, vengeful, horrifying balls of clawed death. A tiny tiger sleeping on the couch, or a loving lion snuggling up to your jugular might seem sweet, but this is all part of the hunt. Haven't you ever seen a tiger vs lion fight? Those cats are freaking insane. Packing four paws full of switchblades and a desire to kill all humans, these feral feline videos capture the truth about cats.

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Cats hat Play Video

Cats hat 19 months ago

Kittys got a problem

What are you saying? Play Video

What are you saying? 19 months ago

3 month old cat is trying to say something...

Vandal cat Play Video

Vandal cat 19 months ago

For Gods sake, make this cat stop!

First encounter with snow Play Video

First encounter with snow 19 months ago

BUrnard is introduced to snow for the first time and doesnt know what to th...

Sleepy Cat Fail Play Video

Sleepy Cat Fail 19 months ago

Cat attempts a free fall in her sleep

Cat Fight Play Video

Cat Fight 19 months ago

Cat pushes cat into fall

Cat vs Blinds Play Video

Cat vs Blinds 19 months ago

Maury the cat is obsessed with blinds

Stoned Cat Loves Hockey Play Video

Stoned Cat Loves Hockey 19 months ago

Nothing worse than getting interrupted with stupid questions during a 4-3 p...

Cat vs yogurt cup Play Video

Cat vs yogurt cup 19 months ago

Gloutonous kitty gets pwned by yogurt cup

Cat in a fish Bowl Play Video

Cat in a fish Bowl 19 months ago

Dash, the cat, relaxes inside a fish bowl

Cat Jump Fail Play Video

Cat Jump Fail 20 months ago

Cat misses jump

Leave me alone Play Video

Leave me alone 20 months ago

Cat tries to have some sleep

Cat fails Play Video

Cat fails 20 months ago

Cat miscalculates distance

Cat On A Hot Sub Woof Play Video

Cat On A Hot Sub Woof 20 months ago

The fact he keeps washing shows just how little cats care about anything.

Kitty meets baby Play Video

Kitty meets baby 20 months ago

New kitten surprises little boy

Sleeping cat Play Video

Sleeping cat 20 months ago

Dreaming of tuna

Fat cat defies physics Play Video

Fat cat defies physics 20 months ago

Mozart squeezes through the cat door. He is on diet now

A flying cat Play Video

A flying cat 20 months ago

A kitty creating chaos

Cat with colossal patience Play Video

Cat with colossal patience 20 months ago

Kiity was stepped on, slapped, ear picked and head locked within just a few...