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Vacuuming A Duck Play Video

Vacuuming A Duck 40 months ago

Little ducky you're the one, you make vacuuming so much fun!

Not A Morning Dog Play Video

Not A Morning Dog 40 months ago

This dog really struggles waking up in the morning.

Cat Mimics Yawn Play Video

Cat Mimics Yawn 40 months ago

Either yawns are contagious with cats too or the little fella is making fun...

Dog Fooled By Running Water Play Video

Dog Fooled By Running Water 40 months ago

Cute little dog think when he hears the water running that he is already in...

People Saving Animals Part I Play Video

People Saving Animals Part I 40 months ago

A collection of people going out of their way to help save the life of an a...

Animals Playing Dead Play Video

Animals Playing Dead 40 months ago

How did they teach a hamster how to play dead?